Kit 3, IVA retest

IVA Failure Checklist

To be honest after the failure I was excited to fix the few issues and get back asap, I was worried it may be 2021 before I could get back in for a retest.


  • 09c – Handbrake cable moved to clear sump
  • 13a – Steering column pulled down slightly to ensure lock engaged reliably
  • 16 – Rear spoiler support rounded/protected
  • 17 – Speedo moved to rear wheel
  • 22 – Rear Side light changed to combo Side/Brake light

I rang the DVLA and I had an appointment within a week, I was ecstatic that on Dec 7th at 9:30 I had a 30 minute slot to get retested; what could go wrong…..

Yep, something went wrong! Dec 6th I was checking everything and as I pressed the clutch pedal to reverse the car into the garage, the clutch slave cylinder failed and the actuation arm bent, scoring the bore and making the clutch slave cylinder unusable. To change the clutch slave is a body off job, at 8:30pm this was not going to happen before my retest. There was little I could do than go to the test and let everything be tested and see if we could find a solution for the speedo. Needless to say a bit of a sleepless night followed by an early start and trailering the car back to Norwich.

The chaps from VOSA were relaxed and ready for me, we went through all the issues and then the speedo test. Ian the tested agreed to attempt an in-gear start on the rollers and test if this worked….it did. The car was started in 3rd gear and tested up to 70mph, everything matched within 5%, we had PASSED!

I reversed the trailer into the shed and pulled the car onto the trailer, ready to go home smiling from ear to ear.