SVA First Attempt

October 21, 2008 Tim Russell 0

Well the first SVA attempt came and went. It was a sunny friday in october and everything went as planned. The test took almost 5 […]

Bodyshell Fitted

March 31, 2008 Tim Russell 0

It creaked, it squeaked and it wobbled but eventually it fitted! The bodyshell was drapped over the chassis last weekend. This was the first time […]

Wiring Loom

March 22, 2008 Tim Russell 0

It’s back breaking work but at last I have started on the loom. I spent a good few hours preparing and then started on the […]


March 8, 2008 Tim Russell 0

I have just finished a marathon day in the garage. Short list of points: 1) Fixed gearbox mounts 2) Connected battery and turned motor over […]