Ignition update

July 8, 2015 Tim Russell 0

Following on form the old style coil failure I have now received 5 pencil coils and created a loom but it’s not wrapped or finalised. […]


October 5, 2014 Tim Russell 0

After a lot of research I have found a standard off the shelf radiator to replace the leaky old one I had. The old radiator […]

First drive…

June 3, 2014 Tim Russell 0

As buttercup has been off the road for some time, she was due an MOT. ¬†Although this is technically a Dutch MOT, I have been […]

Self Recovery

April 28, 2014 Tim Russell 0

As the weather is not as fore-casted I took the chance to get the A-frame out, check fitments and confirm the tools I need to […]

Photo Update

April 13, 2014 Tim Russell 0

Although I have made some changes since these were taken, they are a good representation of where we are at with Buttercup.