Kit 3, Registration

Edge Devil Kitcar V5

I left the IVA centre in Norwich, drove home, dropped off the trailer and then set about the license plate application. The application for the IVA was a walk in the park compared to the nerves I had filling in the DVLA license application. I felt that my build and all my documentation supported at least an age related plate, so long as I avoided a Q plate I would be happy but this was all dependant on filling in the forms correctly.

It took some time to get everything in order, I read the documents several times, checked forums, read examples and then submitted the application…. now it was time to wait.

I didn’t have to wait long, on January 7th 2021 a nice fresh V5 form was delivered. Not only had I avoided a Q plate, the car had been registered as new on 1/1/21. Yep my car was the first (probably) registered in 2021. What an absolute result…..but there’s more. The new registration had been supplied with an F registration however, F303 FVF. This didn’t sit right so I reached out to the DVLA and asked if my understanding was correct and that the car could be issued with a 70 plate. It took a few conversations but a week later the 70 plate was formally confirmed was possible…and so Toto (TO70 TMR) was born.

It was cold, it was damp, it was March by the time I got around to it (See the next article), but hell I was gonna drive that damn car, and so I did to the Dentists in Colchester, smiling all the way.