Cough, Splutter, Silence…….

I had Buttercup up to operating temperature today to check the cooling system wasn’t leaking and I wired up the radiator cooling fans, relays and sensors. Having checked that all out, I took her for a small run down the end of the drive and back. As I drove backup the driveway, while accelerating she coughed, and when I stopped in front of the garage she cut out :(.

Thanks to quattroworld for the image

Now to be honest I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling after messing with the wiring loom that the connector may not have been in the ECU fully. It took a little bit of fiddling and checking of other items before I realised that was the case! I also wanted to hear the run on coolant pump running ok, but when I turned off the ignition it didn’t cut in. Again fault finding with a 3 inch wire and everything seems okay, except for the spade terminal on the F98 temperature sender may not have been on correctly, another item to add to the list of final checks before putting the body shell on.

David was round yesterday and I had him run the engine up and rev it while I stood at a distance, it sounds great, and although I’ve not measured it appears to be reasonable in volume. Up until now I’ve always been standing next to the car in the garage and its hard to gauge the sound level when you are standing that close.