Thought it was time for an update…

Buttercup arrives at the new house.

A lot has happened since my last update, a house move, sold the car and started building another one! Yep, buttercup was sold, a very sad moment, but I did start building another car; which is also unfortunately a sad story.

Exeter Kit Car Show 2009, Dev, Me and Robin.

Back in 2009, just after Buttercup passed her SVA, Dominic and I took her down to the Exeter kitcar show to be on the Edge Sportscars stand. This was a great weekend, with lots of people to talk to; amongst them a chap called John who had decided to build a V8 Edge Devil. At the time I thought this was going to be impossible, seeing as I only just managed to squeeze in a 5 cylinder engine.

Skip forward to 2018 and someone pointed me to an eBay article showing an Edge Devil kit for sale, with a V8 engine. I reached out to the seller and discussed the item and it transpired the seller was Johns brother. John unfortunately had died earlier that year, and his brother was liquidating his estate, which included the Devil he had been building.

As the only person to have built two Devils, I guessed I was best placed to advise on building a third one… We talked and I decided this was a project I wanted to complete; having met John I wanted to finish his dream, plus I enjoy building more than driving these cars. Buttercup was put up for sale and within a few months she had a new owner, that is another story. John had been building his kit at his farm house, half way across France! At his house were the components, the engine and two donor cars, all of which I needed back in the UK. For the kit I thought this was something I would do myself, but the donor cars I managed to find a transport company who picked them up and bought them back, for a price, to me in Ipswich.

For the kit, I hired a trailer, hooked it up to my trusty steed and made the trip to collect the kit and check everything was there.

Collecting the 3rd Devil from France

The donors were stripped down and I had the components to build two more devils. I only needed one set, so I have a spare set in storage…just in case I feel like building a 4th one!

More to follow in the next few articles…….