P1010836I have just finished a marathon day in the garage. Short list of points:

1) Fixed gearbox mounts

2) Connected battery and turned motor over

3) Created exhaust mounts

4) Removed all suspension components

5) Cut two big holes in the body shell 🙂

First the gearbox mounts, I thought this was going to be simple, fortunatly it was. The rear most mounting holes I could use, I just needed to file the front mount holes out by 8-10 mm. Engine and gearbox are noe firmly attached to the chassis.

As I had fabricated my own engine mounts I wanted to see how much the engine moved. The best way to do this I assumed was to use the starter motor, apart from anything else it would pump the oil round the engine and I can check that everything was working. The engine turned fine, no earth problems, +ve lead is also good.