Column cover

Yet another update today…..cracking that the missus keeps sending me to the garage!



As you can see I have created the column cover although the items required to keep it in place are not yet made, but I’d like to get the wiring done first before I work on those as they are quite simple.  Remember I want to be able to remove the dashboard quite simply if I need to so I can get to the relays, fuses and the brain.  The DigiDash, start button, hazard button are already on loom plugs, just the hall senders, RCA connectors and charging LED to be added.  I’m quite happy with the result and the way it overlaps the base of the wheel boss it should protect the components from water ingress.  The RCA plugs on the side are now duplicated power, originally one was power and on was serial, now they are both power as I have changed to using the bluetooth connection.