Quick Steering Wheel Update

I popped out at lunch time last week and picked up the centre piece for the steering wheel from Bob at Identilabel.  He did a cracking job, and just in case he made two, then gave me the extra one for a few quid extra!

wpid-20140225_113401.jpgThese are what is called reverse etched.  the black stuff is etched from behind, in reverse, a clear laminate is added to the front and the etched holes are filled with paint, and hey presto a smooth wipe clean finish.  The small holes I have now drilled out to allow the light from the neopixel ring to come through.  I have applied a clear veneer to the back to prevent water getting in.

The central piece of the wheel was also looking a bit worn so that was given a rub down and a respray, then the whole lot was reassembled along with indicator symbols for the buttons.  It’s not perfect but I am happy enough with it to fit it to the car.  I may make a version 2, and as I have enough bits and bobs lying around along with a second centre piece I may just do that, but first I want to get her back on the road.  Fine tuning and perfection will come in due course!