Ignition update

Following on form the old style coil failure I have now received 5 pencil coils and created a loom but it’s not wrapped or finalised.  I purchased 5 second hand coils as they were on average about £14 each, half the price of new ones.  This was done as I wanted to try the idea out, the coils work fine and when I’m happy with everything I can save the pennies and get 5 brand new coils of the latest type.  I have ordered two type J coils and 3 type L; this should have been 5 L’s so my mistake but they are working okay for now.

Although I am waiting on silicon fibreglass cable wrap I wanted to connect everything up and check it worked, it did perfectly and to be honest the throttle response seemed a lot more instant.  Until I go for a drive I won’t know for sure but the signs are good and she is firing on all cylinders.

Because the coils are not designed for this engine I have decided to create a retaining strap and see if I can build heat sinks into this to try and keep the coil temperatures down.  On the side you can see one P-Clip, more may be added when I get the new wiring wrapped up.