Fix one thing, another pops up

Since I updated the ignition which was a massive change, and she’s running great… but she’s become a pain to start.

If I have her on charge over night she starts, not immediately but quite quickly.  Should I leave her alone for a few days, even with the isolator switched off, she won’t start.  She tries, she cranks but it seems there just isn’t enough juice to crank the engine and fire a spark.  Unfortunately its not possible to check the battery state in situ as it is under the nose, so I spent a few hours tonight extracting the battery.  This is now ready for me to test and then I can decide what I need to do next.

Looking up from underneath, seems like so much room!

I will also need to devise a new method of fitting the battery as I ground off the old bracket so I could drop the battery through the chassis otherwise I would of had to remove the body, not a job I was planning to do until the winter break.

Oct 2008, probably due a change
Nice and snug, I needed three elbows to get in there
Rather solidly fitted in, that support bar at the back had to go.
Ready for testing