It’s been busy…

P1020761I’ve spent a lot of time in the garage over the last few weeks and I really have achieved a lot. Not all of it is visible, so only some of the photos can be found in the gallery .

Points of note are;

Rear lighting and badges have been fitted, with the exception of the number plate lights. I’ve been looking araound and I think a pair of Mercedes 190 (Old type) number plate lights should fit into the area above the numberplate. This will prevent me having to fit a big black bulky light fitting above or to the sides of the number plate.

I have completed the support for the fuel metering unit. This has ended up being on the right hand side but because of the alternator I’ve moved it into the wing area. Looks okay and I have pulled all the plumbing down to it (Inlet hose and fule injection lines). The question is wether I can get the bodyshell off with it in place.