SVA First Attempt

IMG_6717 (Large)Well the first SVA attempt came and went. It was a sunny friday in october and everything went as planned. The test took almost 5 hours and I left with a list of 8 points where I needed to adjust correct etc. Considering I wasn’t expecting to pass first time this wasn’t a let down, and the points on the list were also pretty simple to resolve.

It’s now a few weeks later and with the exception of one point the rest are resolved. Below is a list of the points and the resolutions;

1 Right Hand Head lamp had a bad aim. This was an issue in the lamp itself and so I changed it.

2 Rear fog light was in fact a brake light! Replaced with a new fog light

3 Handbrake cable support under the engine showed movement when the handbrake was applied. This has been strengthened

4 Exhaust CO content was above the limit. Adjusted the richness down and co is now around 0.3%

5 Exahust sound >101db. This is not yet resolved, Right hand outlet is 98db, but left 102. Stil working on a suitable solution

6 Petrol filler cap was more than 5mm above the body so needed to have a rounded edge of 2.5mm. Refitted petrol cap is now just 4mm above the body

7 and 8 refer to the supplied vehicle weights. Edge are supplying me with a letter to revise the vehichle weights.

…and thats it. Really not that bad.

The second SVA attempt is planned for 14-11, This time however if the weather is good enough I will be driving to the test!


Second SVA was succesful and the weekend after the car was on the Edge stand at the Exeter kit car show, how cool is that!

I did also drive to the test; you can find two videos on youtube here and here .

I’m still working with the DVLA to get the registration sorted out, once that’s all done I’ll be updating the site again.