New Front Springs

When I originally built the car I had the same spring rate front and rear, 275lb / sq in.  With the car having a 60/40 weight split and different mechanical leverage I purchased some time ago a pair of 200lb/sq in springs for the front and finally have fitted them.  As you can see in these two photos the car is a lot more level now.  I have only had one test drive, but it felt more stable albeit I now have more negative camber on the front end, possibly too much.  The radiator I have removed at present so until I fit the new one I won’t be able to carry out any test drives!  I should have the new radiator this weekend and will fit it to the car over the next few weeks and if the weather allows I’ll be out for a run.  The next post will be outlining what and why I have decided to change the radiator.