DigiDash logger

After the work in the weekend I went for a short drive, fuelled up and decided to try the DigiDash logger function out.  I only have the Lite version so only the RPM is logged, but it’s quite a cool tool. The main reason for the testing was because of the cooling; it appears I had transposed the two stage radiator temperature sensor connectors.  Usually its 1-Ground, 2-95 output and 3- 105 output, but I had transposed 1 and 3 so it was working, but only on the 105 setting, there was no low speed setting.  Once diagnosed it was quite a simple fix. wpid-img_20140802_161726_resize_20140802_213551.jpg As well as the above I had driven Friday night in the dark and found the boost gauge illumination was a tad bright. Although I could have added a variable dimmer I din’t think it was needed and threw an in-line resistor in the power supply.  The gauge is mechanical, the power is just for the illumination.   default