On the road, and spotted!

2pm yesterday afternoon the letter I had been waiting for fell onto the hall floor. It was the vehicle paperwork, that would in turn enable me to have an MOT (APK). Within 5 minutes I was in the Touran looking for an MOT station that could test the car for me immediately. I had a company event at the Dutch Water Dreams in Zoetermeer and wanted to take the car. Yes I know they forecast loads of rain, but what the hell I have been waiting a long time for this!

c214748364825042009131833_4I found a garage and took the car there for an MOT. After 5 minutes of trying to work out how the hell he (the tester) was going to get in the car, he climbed in and started the test. A half hour later, all was okay and I drove away a very happy man. At home I sorted all my stuff out for the rafting, got dressed up in wet weather gear and left. Almost the entire journey to Zoetermeer it was raining, but I didn’t care, I was driving my dream! The return drive was dryer, but being exhausted and cold from the rafting, by the time I was half way home I’d had enough so took the back roads instead of the motorway, which can become quite tedious.

Later on in the day I took the car for a drive, and went through Laren. The spotters were out in force, and once again I was Spotted. Nice couple of photos, but I’m not sure about the Ali G comment! (Click here to go to the website)