Project for the cold months

Its cold, dark and windy outside and therefore not the ideal weather to drive the car. So I have a project or two to carry out (not that its particularly warm in my garage).


Project 1: Replace the Audi NF engine (NA 10v, 130hp) I now have with an Audi ABY engine (Turbo 20v, 285hp)

Project 2: Rebuild Dashboard to incorporate Digidash

Project 3: Rewire car for all of above

Project 4: Replace rear lower wishbones with a considerably stronger alternative

Project 5: Lower fuel pump in its bracket, fix sender leak and add a fuel tank filler breather.

…and of course the car has now covered around 5000km’s so its a good time to go through everything with a fine toothed comb and see what is loose, broken, rusted etc. As you can see in the photos below the body shell is off and I’m ready to pull out the engine and start working out what is or isn’t going to fit. As things progress I will attempt to update the website as per the original build diaries.