Phase 2 of the Third build

Engine in, so time to add some wheels, electrics, brakes etc and get this thing looking more like a car.

First was the wishbones, including the uprated lower rear wishbones that require hub carrier modifications. These all slip in with an hours work, then add axles, driveshafts and the newly painted brake callipers and you feel like you’ve almost finished…but that is just a feeling that passes very quickly!

This was now the first time this chassis has rolled, ever. It had been in France for 10 years, and I recovered it back in 2019, starting the build in early 2020, I felt like this was worthwhile progress. The list I had on the whiteboard was still very very long….

The next job I undertook was to get the fuel line in, and then onto the electrics. I always approach the electrics in two phases, one is to just check everything works, and then I add proper connectors and conduit, but fault finding when everything is in a conduit is a right pain.

With the engine loom and fuel lines in place, it was on to the Emerald K6 ECU and to terminate all of the wiring loom here, and up at the front to the fuse boxes, switches etc.

Ecu in the above images is located in the cockpit by my left elbow and will eventually be covered by a simple cover from the top chassis rail down to the floor.

Rolled out for the first time

Watch for the next instalment, getting the engine running, installing controls, switches and the seat!