Working in the cold!

P1010659It was between 0 and 2.5 degrees saturday, and I spen all of the dalylight hours in the garage/ working on the drive way! Damn it was cold but I got a lot of things done.

Short list, and photos to follow:

Seat is now mounted differently, and more importantly stronger.

Gear lever housing is almost finished

Battery tray is welded to the chassis, just requires painting but the temprature needs to be above 10 degrees

Gearbox mounts are fitted to the chassis

Battery earth is fitted

Battery positive lead is fixed up to the bulkhead, routed through the fiberglass body support to the battery isolator

Hopefully this week or in the weekend the footwell roof and body support will be fitted. The gear lever housing should also be finished soon, then I can do the handbrake housing.

2008-02-18 20:16:01