Update and suspension work

The new battery works a charm and I have also updated the bracket underneath to allow me to remove the battery again without having to take the body off. All in all a successful bit of work.

While I was under the car however, I noticed that the front springs were pretty close to the rebound bump stops so I’ve added some pre-load to the front springs. Not a lot but enough to give more movement. The down side is that the nose is once again higher than the tail. Using a number of tools on the internet and measurements, mathematics and guess work I have worked out the spring rates I believe I need, front and rear. With the rear springs being upgraded I may revert to the original front springs, but I’ll wait until the rear springs are fitted before I make that decision. Hopefully with the springs and shocks set up I can then work on the splitter I have in mind for the front, a new front spoiler and a diffuser for the rear; but first lets get the ride height and suspension travel right.