2016 BC Update

November 7, 2016 Tim Russell 0

In short… Child Labour, Korean TV, bent valves, head rebuild, MOT (UK and NL), and winter strip down. …and the longer version: Child Labour Earlier […]

Ignition update

July 8, 2015 Tim Russell 0

Following on form the old style coil failure I have now received 5 pencil coils and created a loom but it’s not wrapped or finalised. […]


April 8, 2015 Tim Russell 0

I had written this post a long time again, but it had remained in my drafts for some strange reason. These stripes were cut and […]


October 5, 2014 Tim Russell 0

After a lot of research I have found a standard off the shelf radiator to replace the leaky old one I had. The old radiator […]